God is eternal

I was reading It’s not about me, written for Max Lucado and I just found these words so wonderful. I didn’t know how peaceful is to see God in a different perspective about time. We are always thinking in the future, in the past and sometimes in the present, but time for God is not like that.

God is eternal. He does not live sequential moments, laid out on a time line, one following the other. His world is one moment or, better stated, momentless.

He doesn’t view history as a progression of centuries but as a single photo. He captures your life, your entire life, in one glance. He sees your birth and burial in one frame. He knows your beginning and your end, because ha has neither.

Have you ever thought in God in that way? Is something we might see incomprehensible and unclear but is more like that. Is something sublime. Is like we will be free one day. Free of thoughts, free of resentments, free of attachment. Just us and the most powerful love: God.

One night I had a dream. I was flying through the ocean and through the clouds. I was already a spirit. Just my soul and a happiness I can’t explain in words. I didn’t feel guilty. I didn’t feel oppression. I didn’t have any regrets. The most splendid freedom and there was no such thing as time.


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